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One woman’s story of transcendence from victim to victory, this 2nd Edition of The More Love Club, includes a tell-all preface. Ms. Alexander identifies herself as an incest survivor, declaring that the characters, and situations presented are based on real life events. Although her tell-all preface makes clear the book is a novel based on a true story, she asks the reader to remember, “My purpose has never been to name names, but to expose the human heart and its ability to transcend, expand and grow beyond circumstance to embrace the love and joy that is our birthright.”

Here is what some readers have shared with us on Facebook:

Finished your book yesterday evening…And what else is there to say?  W-o-w.  It was genuinely a really, really good read; a really, really powerful, yet relatable story…. I’m going to buy another copy and send it to my sister.” – Meredith from Los Angeles CA

“I recieved my copy of the book yesterday…..had to force myself to put it down around 1:30am so I could get some sleep….you are an excellent writer…You’ve “got it” kiddo.” – Andrea Q. from Maine.

Life is such a fun game to play!!! I got to stay in the past two days and finish the awesome book “The More Love Club”…I’ve never been more grateful. YES. THANK YOU! MORE PLEASE:):):)”. – Mandi from Washington.

“I finished your book yesterday. I think God made you write that book for me…I hope that your book is read by others who really need it….you reached me and I thank you for that.” – Janice from Texas

“Yep folks, I read “More Love Club too, could not put it down, read in a day. It’s one woman’s journey to discovering her real self and it is an amazing ride. Read it y’all.” – Ellen from Van Nuys CA


MLC-FRONT-COVER-for-webThe More Love Club 2nd Edition, includes a tell-all preface.

“Due to the increasing awareness concerning rape and sexual assault, almost 20 years after the death of my father, Dartmouth Professor Rod Alexander, I am publishing The More Love Club 2nd Edition, including a Tell-All Preface.

While I mean no disrespect to my father and his legacy, it is time. The More Love Club is one woman’s story of transcendence from victim to victory. It is my story. Based on real characters and real events, my work is a True Life Novel. In the Tell-All Preface I reveal the aspects of my past that have led to the decision to speak out.

While I am steadfast about this, I also feel it important to state my deeper intention. My purpose has never been to name names. I have always sought to expose the human heart and its ability to transcend, expand and grow beyond circumstance. It is my desire that in identifying myself as an incest survivor, I might be of greater service to others.

Thank you for your support and love. I am excited, grateful and very proud.”

When Emma, a 40-something divorcee, sober alcoholic, desperate to transcend her abusive childhoodand snag a man, attends a meditation meeting, she finds herself talking to a curiously wonderful stranger, wearing a sign saying, ‘More Love,’ and is set on a serendipitous, magical and sometimes terrifying, metaphysical trajectory of healing possibility and the opportunity for love and new life.

Having just ended things with ‘The Italian,’ who reeked of possibility and a rage disorder, Emma, a lonely, sober divorcee paints her toenails, puts on her best kitten heels and hoping against hope to hook a man, attends a dreaded meditation meeting. The meditation works out. The man doesn’t. Humiliated by the break-up of a second relationship, through a series of coincidences, she finds herself outside a house she’d dreamt about, talking to a man named Jess, who interestingly, has the same name as her dear departed grandfather, when someone appears bearing ‘More Love’ signs. The mystery man tells them to wear the signs for five days and ‘watch for the miracles.’ Having been molested most of her childhood, more often in therapy than not, recently divorced from an abusive ex and estranged from her three boys, a miracle seems overdue. But as Jess kisses Emma goodbye that night, no sparks. Still she hears her therapist’s voice in her head, reminding her, “You were wired to kiss psychotics, Emma. Keep kissing, keep re-wiring.” So when she puts her head on the pillow, the ‘More Love’ sign poking her boobs, Jess’ five-o’clock shadow and handsome smile swirling in her head, she resolves that despite the incest sized hole in her gut the size of Arkansas, to go beyond her mind, follow the charm, finally publish her incest file memoirs and ‘watch for the (damn) miracles.’


What if a complete stranger walked up to you and handed you a sign that said, ‘MORE LOVE’? What if that same stranger told you to put that sign on and wear it for five days, including work days, grocery shopping, bathing, sleeping? What if this stranger told you to wear it for five days and watch for the miracles? Would you do it? Would you have the guts? Would you go beyond your mind, the sighs and whispers at the bus station, your boss grumbling, the neighbors pointing and laughing?

What if you knew it would change your life, change it forever? What if you knew there actually would be miracles? What if you knew, that he was no stranger at all, but someone handpicked by the universe to completely alter the trajectory of your existence? What if you got your life out of it? Your Life! What if you wore a sign for five days, that said “MORE LOVE” and you actually gave and received more love?  Just by wearing a sign. For five days. Wearing the sign and committing to watch for the miracles, committing to yourself, the rest of the world to MORE LOVE.

What if I offered you a sign right now, would you put it on? I’m offering you a sign. (It’s in the back of my book, The More Love Club) I’m inviting you to change your life, change your thinking, change your point of view. I’m inviting you to go beyond your mind’s idea and wear a silly sign for five days. It will not only change your life, it will be miraculous! It was for me.

DON’T BELIEVE ME! Try it yourself. Buy the book.  Make the sign. Put it on. Or buy a t-shirt. They come in lots of sizes and colors. Five days. Just five days. And Watch for the miracles.  What are you waiting for? Don’t you want miracles? Don’t you want love, MORE LOVE and lots of it?



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