Sunday Sound Healing & Guided Meditation

13322 Debby Street, Van Nuys, CA

 Breakthrough healing and insights 

Musical Invocation – Guitar, Indian Flutes

Sound Healing – Gong, Singing Bowls

Guided Meditation 

Group Processing & Support

Discover you.

Class fee is a suggested donation of $20

{Russel Foreman has dedicated his life to the study of Human Behavior. He has done extensive study in the field of Metaphysics,Yoga,Vedic Meditation, NLP and EFT.  Foreman is a gifted musician and an accomplished Sound Healer.  Playing guitar, flute, gong and singing bowl he issues powerful release and healing for his clients. He is also a skilled and able teacher of journeying beyond the mind, a humble, learned, fiercely enlightened male who lives with the sole purpose of helping others.}
(Adrienne Alexander is an Intuitive, Transformational Teacher, with a Masters in Psychology, who implements the best of Spiritual, Psychological and Artistic Principles, in her Life Classes and Acting Classes. A specialist in Human Behavior she has developed a Hybrid Methodology of Acting and Life Training. The tools she teaches transform artistry and lives.)

For more information about this ongoing group, contact us at: or 818-989-2220

This class is taught by Russel Foreman & Adrienne Alexander




(Meditation 10:30)


 The 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior

The 10 Essential Tools for Acting


The 6 Secret Ingredients 

Grow your artistry and your life.

(Please join us for an audit with no feedback or an audit with feedback.  To inquire, contact Adrienne Alexander:, or 818-989-2220)

Adrienne Alexander has trained as an actress/singer for over 45 years, with coaches from NYC to Los Angeles, such as Tony Barr, Eric Stephan Kline, Jeff Corey, Candace Silvers, Joseph Chaikin, Carole D’Andrea, Georgia Stitt, Carol Weiss, Calvin Remsberg, William Woodman and Jerry Zaks.  A specialist in Human Behavior, with a Masters in Psychology, her transformational classes implement the best of Spiritual, Psychological and Artistic Principles



MLC Transformation
13322 Debby Street
Van Nuys, CA 91401
(6pm Meditation)

Personal Revelation and Total Transformation

What if someone offered you the principles of a practice that could totally transform your life?  What if you could transform your relationship with yourself and others?  What if you could release anything that is holding you back and get the life you deserve?

 Class is $35 per class or $120/mth payable at the 1st of the month.  If  you are new to MLC, The First Class is donation only.
Adrienne Alexander is a Transformational Teacher with a Masters in Psychology, using the best of psychological and spiritual principles. For privates, classes, meditation, sound healing, life and acting training, email, or call 818-989-2220  Clients are reminded of the 24hour cancellation policy.  For more info, to buy the book, t-shirts etc and sign up for the blog



Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM

Designed to expand awareness of the spiritual aspects of being, this class investigates the practice of Channeling, Shamanic Journeying and Vision Quest.  

Class fee is a suggested donation of $20


Due to the sensitive nature of the individual exploration, this class is by invitation only.  

Please inquire with the instructor Russel Foreman 

{Russel Foreman has studied Human Behavior with Candace Silvers, Dallas Synder, Metaphysics with Patricia Bankins of Crystal Matrix, Yoga with Anand Mehrotra of Sattva Yoga and Vedic Meditation with Thom Knoles as well as NLP and EFT.  Foreman is an accomplished Sound Healer, playing guitar, flute, gong and singing bowl to aid in the release and healing of his clients. He is a skilled and able teacher of journeying beyond the mind, a humble, learned, fiercely enlightened male who lives from his heart.} Also available for private sessions, schedule him by calling 818-989-2220.

Please check the events calendar below to ensure your class is in session.

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