MLC Special Event August 30: Meditation: Catch, Kiss and Release

In the realm of transformation, meditation is becoming one of the foremost tools. But what is it? And why do it? Is it a religion, or a belief system? Can it be practiced alongside my current religion or lifestyle? What results can I expect? And what is ‘Catch, Kiss and Release’?

If you are new to meditation, have lapsed or have an established commitment, this class is specifically designed to give you answers about the practice of meditation.  

Come explore a brief history of the practical technique and application of meditation including styles, aspects of use, predictable results, and a number of meditation techniques that will help to establish, and/or to maintain a regular practice.

Tuesday, August 30th

6:30 – 8:30pm

Introduction to Meditation

Group Meditation Ceremony using a Specially Designed Technique!

Discussion and support following group meditation.

Because you deserve the opportunity to Catch, Kiss and Release all of life’s challenges.

Class is $30 (For those who have prepaid the month of August, this class is $25)

(Adrienne Alexander is aTransformational Teacher, with a Masters in Psychology, who implements the best of Spiritual and Psychological Principles, in her Classes. A specialist in Human Behavior she has developed the Fundamentals of Going Beyond the Mind and the Practice of More Love. The tools she teaches transform lives.)

PLEASE RSVP. Class size is limited.

Please check Calendar to confirm the event.
This class is taught by Adrienne Alexander