Private Sessions

The MLC uses the best of psychological and spiritual practices to achieve revelation and transformation for our clients.
We offer a non-judgmental, sacred space that you might discover your true path in life.
Counseling is available, but not limited to, aspects of Meditation, Transformation, Spiritual Pathways, Emotional Issues, Physical Issues pertaining to Health/Food/Wellness, and all aspects of the Relationship to the Self, Important Others, and the World.
Our private sessions address specifics of the spiritual body, the emotional body, and the physical body that healing and freedom is made manifest.
Private Counseling is available with Russel Foreman or Adrienne Alexander for Spirit/Body/Mind @ $120 per hour.
Let light be life and life be light.
Adrienne Alexander & Russel Foreman

{Russel Foreman has done extensive study in the field of Metaphysics,Yoga,Vedic Meditation, NLP and EFT.  He is a gifted musician and an accomplished Sound Healer, who plays guitar, flute, gong and singing bowl issuing powerful release and healing for his clients. He is a skilled and able teacher of journeying beyond the mind, living humbly with the sole purpose of helping others.}

Adrienne Alexander is a Transformational Teacher with a Masters in Psychology, who uses the best of psychological and spiritual principles.  Co-Founder of The More Love Club, she has developed The 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior and The Tools For Life. Her hybrid methodology uses traditional and non-traditional modalities, inspiring transformative life experience.

For privates, classes, meditation, sound healing, life and acting training, email, or call 818-989-2220  Clients are reminded of the 24hour cancellation policy.  For more info, to buy the book The More Love Club, t-shirts etc and sign up for the blog go to www.themoreloveclub.comLive on Voyage LA!


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