MLC Special Presentation, Tuesday May 31st: The 7 Levels of Consciousness

 Want to know what makes people tick?

Have you ever wondered why people believe in such different things?  Have you ever noticed that some people care about protecting the ozone while others care about protecting their possessions?  Have you ever wondered why some people believe that the world is a magical mystical place, while others are ruled by guilt, shame and a moral standard that is punishing?  Have you noted that some people care deeply about money, property and prestige, while others give away all that they have to achieve spiritual purity?  
Observing human behavior, you may have noted vast differences in opinions, life styles and deeply rooted understandings.  Present in the collective human experience is a vast array of dogma and belief system.  This phenomenon referred to as the 7 Levels of Consciousness, is a systemic created by Clair Graves to explain the consciousness structure of human beings being human.   
Join us for an exploration of the spiral of human dynamic that was first considered by the great theorist and humanist, Claire Graves. The 7 levels of consciousness theory was the inspiration for Spiral Dynamics and The Secret. Knowledge of the levels of human awareness gives you a breadth of understanding of the self and your fellow human beings.  If you have ever wondered just what makes people tick, this class is for you.
Tuesday May 31st
6pm Meditation
6:308:30pm Class
For regular attending MLC members this class is $25.  Special Event Only: $30
The following link offers you a whirlwind tour of the 7 Levels of Consciousness, by Sean Blackwell (SouthPark visuals included)

(Adrienne Alexander is aTransformational Teacher, with a Masters in Psychology, who implements the best of Spiritual and Psychological Principles. A specialist in Human Behavior, she has developed the Fundamentals of Going Beyond the Mind and the Practice of More Love.)
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Class fee is $30
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This class is taught by Adrienne Alexander

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