The Mission – Adrienne Alexander – Transformational Teacher


Over 10 years ago, I started a metaphysical journey that took me from victim to victory. I met Russel Foreman. Together we co-founded The More Love Club. The day we met, I was a sober alcoholic, with a Masters in Psychology, divorced, estranged from my children, and desperate for the promise of transformation. That first night, while Russ and I talked outside of a meditation meeting, a stranger walked up to us, handed us signs that said, ‘More Love’, told us to wear the signs for five days and watch for the miracles. That was the day we formed The More Love Club. That was the day we began to encourage others to see, live, and breath the miraculous. At The More Love Club, we are dedicated to seeing the miraculous in our everyday lives, living beyond the culturally accepted pain that we call ‘existence.’


I have been blessed with a love and admiration for the human spirit, and an unrelenting trust in the power of healing and solution. Issues from my childhood rendered problematic my relationship with myself and the world. This gave me a profound and deep need to relieve anxiety, disappointment, hardship, fear and other forms of negative experience, in myself and others. With Russel as my guide, I vowed to find the source of persistent discontent. Fascinated and astounded by our innate ability to transform, I have studied human behavior. I have devoted myself to researching and developing the principles of a practice certain to catapult myself and others from the seeming pain of existence. As well as teaching, I have written and published a first book, ‘The More Love Club,’ and I am currently writing ‘Mind matters: The Fundamentals,’ ‘Life Matters: The Practice,’ and ‘The Alexander Method: Transformational Acting for the Total Actor,’ which will be published soon.










During the 10 years that we have been researching, developing, and exploring The 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior and The Tools for Life, we have seen astounding success. After nearly a decade of consistent revelation and extreme adaptation, our students are proof that we humans are capable of profound and lasting transformation. We are resilient, limitless and astonishingly transformative beings.

At The More Love Club we examine the components that affect your experience of life and we give you the tools to change anything that does not serve you. While teaching you the principles of a practice known to completely transform your life, the Life Classes, the Acting Classes and the Meditation Classes are specific to you and your needs. In all of our classes, we teach you to alleviate negative experience in a loving and completely non-judgmental environment. We are engaged in the great exploration of the self, creating life-altering awareness, total transformation and the joy that is our birthright.

Adrienne Alexander is an Intuitive, Transformational Life Coach, with a Masters in Psychology, who implements the best of Spiritual, Psychological and Artistic Principles, in her Life Classes and Acting Classes. A specialist in Human Behavior she has developed a Hybrid Methodology of Acting and Life Training. The tools she teaches transform artistry and lives.

Russel Foreman has dedicated his life to the study of Human Behavior. He has done extensive study in the field of Metaphysics, Yoga, Vedic Meditation, NLP and EFT.  Foreman is a gifted musician and an accomplished Sound Healer. Playing guitar, flute, gong and singing bowl he issues powerful release and healing for his clients. He is also a skilled and able teacher of journeying beyond the mind, a humble, learned, fiercely enlightened male who lives with the sole purpose of helping others.