The Alexander Method: Acting for the Total Actor


The Actor is an Artistic Eco-System that must have Balance if it is to be Sustainable.

True artists, when involved in true artistry, are always at risk.  We risk ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically.  Wherever we are, we create, delve and care deeply with every aspect of our being.  That kind of commitment, that kind of great artistry merits honor and protection.


THE TOTAL ACTOR is focused on supporting the individual actor both personally and professionally.  Each actor’s life experience, struggles, issues, triumphs, goals, challenges, and personal commitment to growth are essential for their artistry to flourish.  We believe in creating a community and a support system founded on a deep connection between artistry and life.  Combining Life Training and Acting Training The Total Actor is designed to safeguard your heart, mind and spirit.  We offer love, support and a safe working environment and a sacred space for breakthrough success on every level of your journey. 


AA-1Using the 6 FUNDAMENTAL COMPONENTS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR + THE 10 ESSENTIAL TOOLS, + the 6 SECRET INGREDIENTS of our HYBRID METHODOLOGY, will take your audition, coldreads and acting to the next level.  You will ‘Drop In’ and Deliver, while Maintaining a Healthy Balance in Your Artistry and Your Life.   

Get ready for Personal Revelation and Total Transformation.

Currently accepting new students. Please inquire about our special combination pricing and promotional for the actor:

You are not alone.

Everything is Right with You.

You are here to grow your Artistry and your Life.

There is No Certainty in Life, Only Opportunity.

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