The MLC Self Help Series: Mind Matters: The Fundamentals & Life Matters: The Practice and The Total Actor

Mind Matters: The Fundamentals

Mind issues a mind thought, which triggers a download of feeling state, urging a program of behavior, underwritten and instigated by a belief system.  These are the 6 Fundamental components of all human behavior, and your personal human behavior running system.  Together, mind, mind thought, trigger, download, program and belief system create the operational equation that equals your experience of life.  Identifying the components of your running system, along with the tools given allows you to release negative mind, mind thought, trigger, feeling state, program, and belief systems.  Free to alter components that do not serve, you activate a new running of the system, and thereby change the experience of your life.

 Life Matters: The Practice

Like Emma in the book, The More Love Club, you can go from victim to victory.  This step-by-step guide, examines some of life’s great belief systems, allowing you to become more adept at releasing negative mind, mind thought, triggers and downloads, programs and the belief systems that instigate and underwrite your personal running system and the running systems of others.  Continuing to build on the fundamental components from Mind Matters, you are given a new set of tools to provide you greater opportunity to transcend life’s most challenging circumstances and experience the joy that is your birthright.

The Total Actor

Ignite your career and fan it into an artistic flame.  Integrating Life and Acting Training this hybrid methodology helps you ‘drop in and deliver’ while maintaining a healthy balance in your artistry and your life.  Three books in one, this volume includes the 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior in Life Training for the Actor, The 10 essential Tools of Transformational Acting, and a special section Getting in and Getting Out, including Audition Skills and Coldread Techniques. The Alexander Method also boasts 6 secret ingredients, exclusive to The Alexander Method, guaranteed to revolutionize your acting and your life.

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